About us

Alkaff is a young and dynamic company specialised in the importation of green coffee, with a long family tradition with nearly a century of history in the field of green coffee.

In the early twentieth century, Alfred Albert moved from Germany to Sicily, where in 1920 he began to market products of various types, including coffee which at that time was not much used. Green coffee soon became a family passion, so much so that, at the end of World War II, Alfred’s son Rudolph, back from prison, dedicated himself exclusively to being a green coffee broker between the countries in which it is produced and the emerging Italian companies in this sector.

Rudolph’s experience has continued over the years, establishing the Albert family as a reference point in the importation of coffee, thanks to their unique expertise in the field.

In 2008 this family experience led to the foundation of Alkaff, a modern and agile company, capable of transforming the knowledge and passion of several generations into an efficient and flexible service, in line with the times and contemporary businesses needs.

A company able to provide unique, flexible and tailored solutions based on the needs of its customers.