Our philosophy

Our working method is based on a simple assumption: always provide the best coffee to our customers, to be a partner for their fair and transparent, a benchmark with which to share their growth targets.

To gain the trust of our customers, we strive day after day, putting all our experience and our knowledge at their service. The consistent quality is the best proof of the effectiveness of our work.

We choose the green coffee with the utmost care, following an analysis of product samples collected in the country of origin before shipping, on the basis of eight different selection criteria:

1) the producing country
2) the processing method
3) the year of harvest
4) the botanical species
5) the number of defects and impurities of the beans
6) the shape and size of the beans
7) the colour of the beans.
8) the cup test

Eight criteria, corresponding to as many “tests” that a green coffee must pass to be approved by us and, therefore, offered to our customers. Eight moments in which the difference is made by the experience of those who select the product, an experience that serves not only to identify a good green coffee, but also to grasp its personality, in order to provide each customer on each occasion with the right coffee for their needs.

The selection of the best quality green coffee is only the beginning of our work, which continues with constant exchanging of views with our customers, to ensure their satisfaction, gather their feedback and take it on board in order to continuously improve our service and consolidate the relationship of trust with them day after day.