Our commitment for the future

Innovation and excellence

We believe in quality and innovation as the driving force behind growth and development.
That’s why we strive every day to select and improve different productions, control and guarantee the quality consistency of our products over time, and improve the logistics more and more through new technologies and top professionals. Because the future is a challenge we want to win together.

Greater value together

We have transformed our passion for coffee into a force capable of generating long-term value, for our company, coffee producers, and our customers. Here’s how

Producing countries
Varieties of green coffee
Depots throughout Italy

The future we want

We want to celebrate the work of our fathers and build a better future for our children, a future in which our planet can thrive once more in harmony with the peoples who inhabit it. A future that is

More inclusive

Certified Quality

Since 2015 Alkaff has been certified ORGANIC and Fair Trade, and since 2016 has held UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certifications, confirming the company’s reliability and the quality of the products marketed. To guarantee quality and naturalness, certified green coffee is stored in special warehouses authorized by the certifying body.


Certification from organic farming is issued to companies whose production does not involve the use of GMOs or chemicals, and respects natural life cycles, reducing human impact and preserving soil characteristics and biodiversity. Processing takes place separately from the conventional one, allowing for the identification and traceability of raw materials and the finished product.

Fair Trade

Fairtrade is the hallmark of Fair Trade certifying that products with this symbol have been processed without causing exploitation and poverty in the southern part of the world. The Fairtrade network supports coffee growers by allowing them to learn how to protect the environment and differentiate crops, growing other products or investing in their own company to produce even better coffee quality.


UTZ is a global coffee certification programme that ensures coffee has been produced sustainably and responsibly throughout the supply chain, respecting the environment and the local communities that produce it. The UTZ network helps farmers, workers and their families achieve their ambitions, and helps safeguard the world's resources.

Rainforest Alliance

A social and environmental certification system related to the products from the southern part of the world, managed by the US Rainforest Alliance. This certification is synonymous with sustainable agriculture and better opportunities for farmers, their families, and our planet because it teaches farmers how to adopt good practices of sustainable and responsible processing, sets rules aimed at improving working conditions and generating better opportunities for the future.

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