Our selection of green coffee

A perfect combination of passion, skill, and excellence.

Specialty coffee, certified, organic, traditional and blends of coffee that can satisfy any need. Over 50 varieties of green coffee from more than 20 producing countries, always in stock.


Selection of green Arabica coffee. Raw: oval grains on one side and flattened on the other, with a soft and delicate green color with cerulean or silver hues. In the cup: intense flavor, variable aroma.


Selection of green coffee Robusta variety.
Raw: hard, round and very full grains, with an unmistakable color ranging from yellow to greenish to brown. In the cup: characteristic aroma, foamed in infusion.


Green coffee of the highest quality selected on the basis of the sensory peculiarities of the drupe and the terroir of origin and considered of superior quality according to an international evaluation protocol.


Selection of green coffee certified BIOLOGICO, Fair Trade, UTZ and/or Rainforest Alliance.

The origins of taste

The coffee journey begins in tropical-belt countries where it finds the ideal climate for its production. The coffee shrub can grow up to 12 metres high, however, to facilitate harvesting and maintenance, the plants are pruned to a height of 2-3 metres. Flowering occurs 1-2 times a year and the fruits ripen after 7-9 months.
After harvesting, raw coffee can be processed by 3 different methods: dry processing, in which the whole fruits are dried in the sun for several days; mixed processing, in which the ripe fruits are separated from the unripe and black ones thanks to a specific machine using water; wet processing, in which the separation of the ripe coffee cherries from unripe ones takes place in cold water and finally washing takes place in concrete tanks where a further selection of the beans takes place based on their density, which guarantees their very high quality.
The raw coffee is cleaned, sorted by bean size and shape, and classified according to its external appearance and organoleptic characteristics. After the selection, the coffee is weighed and packed into jute canvases ready to be exported all over the world.

We import green coffee from all over the world

We select, import and market green coffee from all over the world – the perfect raw material for creating unique blends, with a rich flavour and unmistakable aroma.

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