The green side of coffee

Colombia: coffee and growing areas

Colombia is the sixth largest country in America and the fourth by population. Its GDP ranks third among the countries of South America, where coffee production is significant.

It has great cultural diversity and one of the largest biodiversity on the planet.

Colombia has been producing and exporting coffee since the early 19th century. Today there are around 540,000 coffee producers in the country, of which around 95% are small farmers with land ownership of less than 5 hectares.

We can distinguish 3 areas in cultivation:

  • The coffees grown in the north which are usually planted at lower altitudes where temperatures are higher. As such, these coffees tend to have deeper, earthy flavors with medium acidity, more body and notes of nuts and chocolate.
  • The coffees from the central regions are known for their balance and their fruity and herbaceous notes.
  • The southern regions are prized for producing soft coffees with high sweetness and citrus notes. They are also known for their medium body and more pronounced acidity.